REHMAN HABIB CONSULTANTS (RHC) and Partners (TTT, IConsult, AAS), IBF (Belgium), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Punjab Govt. Join Hands to Improve Local Govt. Service Delivery and Capacity Building A one-day consultative workshop was organized with relevant stakeholders to share findings of Training Need Assessment (TNA) of local Govt. officials besides devising strategies to strengthen design of Punjab Local Govt. Academy to transform it into a leading training institution for effective service delivery at grassroots level.

Workshop was organized under the aegis of Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (PICIIP) at a local hotel where participants including Secretary Local Government and Community Development (LG&CD) Department, Special Secretary LG&CD, Directorate General LG&CD, Secretary Local Government Board, Project Director PMU PICIIP, Director PLGA, Team Leader PICIIP and local Govt. officials from 9 districts of province participated in.

PICIIP is a six years project co-financed by ADB and Punjab Govt. to improve efficiency and sustainability of cities and effectiveness of urban services including capacity building of local Govt, water supply, sanitation, solid waste management, urban transport, and open spaces. IBF a Belgium-based organization is managing institutional support and capacity development component of the PICIIP internationally and Rehman Habib Consultants (RHC)is managing it locally with other partners TTT, IConsult and AAS.
This project is being handled by “Management Consultancy Division (MCD) of RHC”

Participants discussed organizational design, structure, capacity building & partnership models, learning and stakeholder engagement models of PLGA so that it could become a world-class facility for Govt. officials for effective service delivery.

“The Punjab Govt. with the support of ADB is investing in high-quality training facilities including IT lab, high-tech training rooms and research & development cell at PLGA. A state-of-the-art new campus of PLGA with residential facilities is being constructed in Lahore.

Technical trainings would focus to improve planning and regulations of solid waste management, water, sanitation, parks, horticulture, recreation, and public libraries. While non-technical trainings would focus on governance, finance, human resource management, interpersonal skills, IT skills, and community participation.

Secretary Local Govt. Asad Rehman Gilani said that reformed PLGA would be ideally placed to fill capacity-building gaps among local Govt. and elected representatives for improved service delivery. He said that PLGA would develop linkages with national and international institutes for staff capacity-building trainings regularly.

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