Company doesn’t hold authority on taxes: K-Electric

As regulated entities, no Distribution Company including K-Electric holds any authority to levy or remove taxes. While it is common knowledge on who has this authority, certain elements seem to be regrettably misleading the traders’ community due to their vested interest in the matter. Approaching the correct forums could have resulted in more productive outcomes on the matter.” Spokesperson K-Electric highlighted in a statement today.

The company will ensure a swifter implementation of any revision in the orders from the relevant authorities if and when such revisions are received. It is a matter of fact that K-Electric does not receive any benefits from taxes levied on the electricity bills, and the utility also has no objection even if these taxes are removed by the relevant authority. These taxes were imposed as part of the Federal Budget by the Government of Pakistan for the entire country, and it is binding on all power distribution companies to implement them.”

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