Energy Other Sectors: GBDWP Reviews Progress of Projects


Third gathering of Gilgit-Baltistan Improvement Working party was held under chairmanship of the central priest GB on 22nd February, 2023. The gathering examined different significant ventures in Disinfection, Energy and Provincial Improvement areas. The gathering extolled endeavors of political government and government divisions for bringing and organizing exceptional assets/awards from worldwide contributor organizations and national government which would be an important expansion and increase to the Commonplace Restricted Improvement Award in arrangement of essential urban and country conveniences.

Following ventures were examined and suggested for endorsement of CDWP:

1-Foundation of 3 MW Sun based Power Venture Diamer.

Cost Rs 608.671 million. The task is essential for umbrella venture for establishment of brilliant energy meters and off network sunlight based power projects in each of the three territorial places. The task would be subsidized under Energy In addition to Program of European Association summing 30 million Euro. The task is essential for GoGB’s changes plan in Energy area.

2-Sewerage Arrangement of Skardu City. Cost Rs 5500 million. The venture is gigantically significant for Skardu City which is business center of Baltistan Locale and an extraordinary fascination for transients from the neighboring regions, in this way, arrangement of municipal conveniences is a tremendous test.

The venture would be an immense commitment toward this path. The venture would be financed from Government PSDP.

3-Provincial Turn of events and Environment Strength Venture GB. Cost Rs 10848 million.

The task is being subsidized by AFD and EU and would be executed all through GB. The task is local area lead drive for arrangement of rustic drinking water supply and sterilization plans, environment versatile lodging plans, Miniature Hydel Plans and so on.

The CM stuck extraordinary expectation that the undertakings after finishing would be an extraordinary assistance in controling power emergency, arrangement of community conveniences for example sewerage framework and local area driven country advancement projects.

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