LPG Plant Retail Shops sealed in Bisham


Bisham collaborator chief Mohammad Jawad Asif on Friday fixed a melted petrol gas plant and a few retail looks for cheating shoppers. Mr Asif alongside police visited the Bisham Market and different region of the town and found LPG retailers selling the ware at Rs330 per kilogram rather than Rs264 per kg fixed by Oil and Gas Administrative Power. He fixed the power source. He additionally fixed a LPG plant in Shang region.

Conversing with correspondents on the event, he said he had asked the LPG sellers a few times to follow the Ogra rates, however without much of any result. He likewise guided the fuel stations to follow the Ogra-decided rates, or face action.Meanwhile, Hamad Umarkhel, the overall secretary of Bisham brokers’ affiliation, and furthermore a LPG retailer, told Sunrise they purchased the product from the plant at greater costs, and had to give the extra expense for shoppers. He said retailers couldn’t sell LPG at Ogra-fixed rates.

He said the associate chief ought to have given an earlier notification to retailers prior to fixing their shops. He said the official ought to devise a system to decide the LPG cost as per the rising transportation charges.

BISP Review: The occupants of Chakesar tehsil have requested of the specialists to set separate days for occupants of various town chambers for enlisting over again or refreshing their data with the Benazir Pay Backing Project office in the tehsil base camp to save them the issue of stalling in lengthy lines.

Conversing with columnists on Friday, they expressed occupants of precipitous and distant regions were grieved visiting the BISP office found miles from their towns, and in some cases they needed to return without meeting the BISP authorities.

Mohammad Zada, a nearby, expressed individuals from distant regions, including ladies, once in a while needed to stand by the entire day in lines before their turn came. He said ladies were especially pained. He said specific days ought to be fixed for inhabitants of every town chamber.

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