Fixing Economy and Governance!


Circular debt stood at Rs 2467 billion by March 2022. Of my 17 years working in power sector, especially during last 5 years, I have tried to find out, who is responsible for power sector miserable condition. Each year this sector costs the poor nation, billions of rupee shortfall.

Is it Power Ministry, NEPRA, PPIB, AEDB, NTDC, CPPA, DISCOs or any relevant organization, responsible for this?

In my view, NONE of the organizations is responsible. Instead, I know people who are best professionals, highly successful in thier personal careers, are working hard to fix it. But so far couldn’t. Then where does the issue lies?

The answer is “our corrupt governance system”, would not allow us to progress.
It is necessary to understand that how this “System” functions:

  1. The System put people in power who love money and power more than their country and common people. They know, we can blame the previous government for the turmoil and evade responsibility.
  2. The System encourages them to prioritize their personal business growth and ignore common people problems. It is evident that country is going down, but personal wealth of people in power is increasing.
  3. The System makes sure that public offices will give rightful treatment to people, who bribe or through connection with a man of powerful position. We walk in a police station, a Patwar-khana or secretariat and get cold treatment.
  4. The System ensures that only close relatives of political forces will hold public positions with very few exceptions. We know, advertisements are made just to fill in positions, already decided.

Remember, our situation will only change when we walk in a public office and get best honest service like dubai, london or a city of a developed country. When bribery is considered as an act that attracts severe punishment, with absolute certainty. And when relationships (Sifarish) will not influence the officers dealing with our matters. It might sound alien. But only through this approach, any Country is in First World Country list.
Suppose, government is to collect 10 times more tax, or IMF gives a multi billion aid to us, would that fix our economy?
We have to work for not only filling the Bucket but also stopping leakage. Till that time we struggle and achieve 100% meritocracy, honesty and accountability with also a greater reward to public officials/high salaries, we are destined to go to IMF and beg from friendly countries. Even angels cannot perform in the current System. That we will witness post elections this year!
In my view, all we need is a national consensus to curb corruption and get a new special law to be passed from parliament that implement above suggestions and conclude a Corruption Trial in 3 months from Trial Court to Supreme Court

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