Power Supply to Dasu Affectees: PESCO Accused of Being Uncooperative


Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has accused Peshawar Electric Power Supply Company (Pesco) of not cooperating in supply of electricity to affectees of Dasu Hydropower Project as per agreement. Chairman Wapda Lt General Sajjad Ghani (retd) in a letter to Secretary Power Division explained that construction works on Dasu Hydropower Project is in full swing. One of the key milestones of river diversion has been achieved in February 2023 and the project is expected to start generation in May 2026.

The task faces various specialized and regulatory difficulties. Huge among these is arrangement of guaranteed electric stock for dam development.

A 132-KV transmission line from Dubair HPP to Dasu project site was hence laid. Local people of the area; notwithstanding, forestalled hanging and development of six pinnacles. They requested execution of Reminder of Figuring out (MoU), endorsed in 2013 by then Service of Water and Power and local people, as per which power was be given to local people at age paces of Dubair Khawar Force to be reckoned with.

This understanding had broad effect and thus was not implementable. This MoU was supplanted by one more understanding among local people and Wapda in December 2022. One of its agreements was that Wapda will take care of power bills overdue debts till December 2022.

As needs be, Wapda moved toward Pesco and mentioned to give subtleties of private buyers in three locale of Kohistan with forthcoming power unfulfilled obligations with supporting records, for example, section based reasonable bills with appropriate levy. In any case, Pesco just furnished a joined rundown of shoppers without any isolation of homegrown/business purchasers.

Wapda again asked Pesco for providing the said supporting archives. Legitimate charging from January 01, 2023 was additionally expected as individuals will take care of bills on month to month premise.

On April 27, 2023, Pesco disengaged power supply to every one of the three areas of Kohistan, which was reestablished upon the individual intercession of the Executive Wapda and Secretary Power Division, GoP. Pesco not just denied individuals of Kohistan of their essential right however it might likewise have impacted clinics, metropolitan administrations and security foundations in Kohistan.

Pesco detached power to a whole locale of three regions of Kohistan, a region that keeps on being delicate. Administrator Wapda; nonetheless, keeps up with that tradition that must be adhered to neither enables, nor approves Pesco to act singularly with such oppressiveness.

He likewise got on record that far off and distant of Kohistan contrast among Wapda and Pesco is obscured and Wapda keeps on serving interest of Pesco and bears brunt of the irritated neighborhood purchasers.

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