1st Feb Petrol Price In Pakistan Increased By Rs. 13


In a recent development, the government has given the green light to a substantial increase petrol price, leaving consumers grappling with the impact on their daily lives. According to official notifications, the price of petrol per liter has witnessed a staggering rise of Rs. 13.55 taking it to the new price of Rs. 272.89.

This move has sparked a wave of concern among the public, as it not only affects individual commuters but also has a cascading effect on the overall cost of living. Diesel prices have also been adjusted, with an approved increase of Rs. 2.75 per liter. Furthermore, light diesel oil sees a hike of 2.30 per liter.

However, amidst these upward revisions, there is a slight relief for consumers of furnace oil, as the government has approved a reduction of 0.24 per liter in its price. The Prime Minister’s special assistant on petroleum has underscored the necessity of these price adjustments, citing global market dynamics and economic considerations.

As citizens adapt to these changes, the government’s decision remains a topic of heated discussion, prompting debates on economic policies and their impact on the common man.

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