Islamabad. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) in accordance with the Policy Guidelines of the Federal Government has determined the maximum price of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) effective from February 1st, 2024 as under:
Notified LPG Producer prices Rs. / Ton Rs / 11.8 kg Cylinder
February -2024 ( w.e.f 01-02-2024) 216,295.72 2,552.29
January -2024 215,129.58 2,538.53
Increase / (Decrease) 1,166.14 13.76

Notified LPG Consumer prices Rs. / Ton Rs / 11.8 kg Cylinder
February -2024 ( w.e.f 01-2-2024) 257,595.72 3,039.63
January -2024 256,429.58 3,025.87
Increase / (Decrease) 1,166.14 13.76
The LPG producer price is linked with Saudi Aramco-CP and US$ dollar exchange rate. As compared to previous month Saudi Aramco-CP has increased by 1.6%. The average Dollar exchange rate has however gone down by 1% resulting to increase in LPG consumer price by Rs.13.76/11.8 kg cylinder (0.45%). The per Kg increase in LPG consumer price is Rs.1.16.

The LPG price notification for the month of February, 2024 is readily available at OGRA website www.ogra.org.pk.
(Imran Ghaznavi)

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