US Calls for Independent Probe into Alleged Election Irregularities in Pakistan


The United States has proposed an independent investigation into claims of election irregularities in Pakistan, suggesting that the country’s legal system should be the first to address the issue. State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller stated during a press briefing that allowing the legal system in Pakistan to play out would be the appropriate initial step.

Responding to inquiries about US lawmakers urging the Biden administration to advocate for an independent investigation, Miller highlighted the need for clarity regarding the proposed investigative body. However, he expressed willingness to explore additional steps if necessary.

Reiterating the importance of a thorough investigation into alleged election irregularities, Miller emphasized the competitive nature of the election in Pakistan, acknowledging the people’s ability to exercise their voting rights. He underlined the US’s commitment to respecting the democratic process and expressed readiness to collaborate with the newly formed government.

Miller noted that the US, along with the EU, the UK, and other nations, has publicly and privately voiced concerns about irregularities observed during the election process. He stressed the importance of upholding the rule of law, respecting the constitution, and ensuring a free press and vibrant civil society in Pakistan. Additionally, he condemned instances of political and election-related violence, as well as restrictions on internet and cell phone services that adversely affected the electoral process.

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