Gas Shortages Disrupt Cooking in Karachi


Karachi residents are grappling with persistent gas shortages, particularly during the winter months, causing significant disruptions to daily life. The scarcity of gas not only hampers cooking routines but also poses challenges for heating homes economically.

Nadia, a homemaker from Rashid Minhas Road, describes the struggle of coping with gas load shedding, enduring up to 16 to 20 hours of unavailability each day. This sentiment is echoed by Farida from Surjani Town and Sahar from Liaquatabad, who express frustration over disrupted cooking schedules and the impact on their children’s meals, often sending them to school hungry.

The reliance on costly alternatives becomes evident when LPG cylinders run out, forcing households to purchase bread and tea from hotels. Ali Suhail, a finance officer, highlights the financial strain this places on families, exacerbated by inflation and limited resources, as they resort to buying essentials during gas outages.

Asif Raza, a hotel owner, notes the surge in customers unable to cook at home due to gas shortages, leading to increased demand for LPG and subsequent price hikes. Masood Khan, a local LPG distributor, predicts a shift towards LPG for 90% of Karachi’s households in the coming years, emphasizing the urgent need for affordability strategies.

Irfan Khokhar, chairman of the LPG Distributors Association, calls for government intervention to curb profiteering and ensure LPG affordability. Meanwhile, energy sector expert Mohammad Owais Ashraf emphasizes the necessity of investment in discovering new gas reserves to alleviate the depleting natural gas reserves and reduce circular debt.

Abdul Sami Khan, Chairman of the All-Pakistan Petroleum and CNG Dealers Association, reflects on past failed energy projects, lamenting the consequences of mismanagement on natural gas reserves and domestic consumers. Amidst escalating demand during winters, officials from the Sui Southern Gas Company stress the urgency of implementing effective gas load management plans to mitigate shortages and stabilize supply.
Story By: Amir Khan

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