Ownership Dispute Between NPGCL and Wapda Escalates in Faisalabad


Tensions have mounted between the Northern Power Generation Company Limited (NPGCL) and the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) over ownership rights to properties in Faisalabad, including the Gas Thermal Power Station (GTPS) and Steam Power Station (SPS). The dispute has intensified following reported encroachment by Wapda security personnel onto NPGCL premises.

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of Wapda, CEO Sabeeh Uz Zaman Faruqui expressed serious concern over the intrusion of Wapda security guards onto NPGCL properties in Faisalabad. Faruqui cited actions taken by the Principal of Wapda Engineering Academy (WEA) Faisalabad, allegedly without proper authorization, as a violation of NPGCL’s proprietary rights.

According to Faruqui, both GTPS Faisalabad and SPS Faisalabad were transferred to NPGCL by Wapda under the Business Transfer Agreement of March 1, 1999, and the Supplementary Business Transfer Agreement of June 24, 2004. NPGCL has operated these thermal power plants since the unbundling of Wapda’s Power Wing in 1998.

Recent notifications issued by the Principal of WEA Faisalabad, directing all allotments in residential colonies and restricting unauthorized entry, were contested by NPGCL as unauthorized and contrary to the BTA between NPGCL and Wapda. Despite objections raised by NPGCL, the Principal of WEA Faisalabad maintained that the notifications were approved by the Chairman of Wapda.

Further exacerbating the situation, unauthorized visits by Wapda security personnel to GTPS Faisalabad were reported, with demands for future rentals to be paid to the office of the Principal of WEA. NPGCL emphasized its rightful possession and control of these assets since 1999 and urged Wapda to adhere to the terms of the agreements between the two entities.

CEO Faruqui urged Chairman Wapda to direct his officers to act in accordance with the BTA and SBTA and to refrain from encroaching on NPGCL’s assets. Despite previous offers to resolve the dispute, Wapda officials have reportedly refused to meet, prompting NPGCL to suggest resolving the matter through the offices of the Secretaries of the Power Division and Water Resources Division.

In conclusion, NPGCL requested Wapda to restrain its officials from taking unilateral actions, harassing NPGCL staff and tenants, and entering the premises of GTPS and SPS Faisalabad.

Story by: Mushtaq Ghumman

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