ENERCON Joins WWEA as Corporate Member


Bonn, 14 February 2024 (WWEA) – The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) proudly welcomes ENERCON, a prominent German wind turbine manufacturer, as its newest Corporate Member. This significant partnership signifies a shared commitment to advancing renewable energy, with a focus on wind power as a pivotal component.

With ENERCON’s addition, WWEA expands its diverse membership, which spans over 100 countries across the globe and encompasses all sectors of the wind energy industry.

Dr. Irfan Mirza, President of WWEA, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Welcoming ENERCON as our first new member under my presidency is a privilege. As a leading turbine manufacturer, ENERCON brings invaluable expertise to our global wind community. Our strategic vision emphasizes enhancing local benefits from wind energy, and ENERCON’s proven track record aligns perfectly with this mission.”

Udo Bauer, CEO of ENERCON, highlighted the importance of collaboration with smaller operators in the wind sector, emphasizing the need for regional cooperation to accelerate the energy transition. “We are excited to partner with WWEA and contribute to initiatives that promote decentralization and engage local stakeholders,” he remarked.

Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General of WWEA, underscored the significance of leveraging ENERCON’s technological prowess and experience in engaging local investors. “With ENERCON’s support, we aim to address technical challenges, policy frameworks, and socio-economic dynamics to drive sustainable wind energy development worldwide,” Gsänger stated.

Founded in 2001, WWEA serves as the global advocate for wind power, advocating for a renewable energy-based global energy system. ENERCON, with its mission of ‘Energy for the world,’ has been a trailblazer in onshore wind technology since 1984, boasting a total installed capacity exceeding 60 GW and a workforce of over 13,000 employees worldwide.

The partnership between WWEA and ENERCON marks a significant milestone in advancing the transition to a sustainable energy future, powered by wind energy.

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