Pakistan Solar Association (PSA) Loses Licence Due to Irregularities and Violations


The director general of trade organisations (DGTO) under the Ministry of Commerce has revoked the licence of the Pakistan Solar Association (PSA) citing irregularities and significant rule violations. In response, the DGTO has also imposed fines and barred key PSA members from joining other trade organisations.

The decision to revoke the licence stemmed from allegations of the PSA’s involvement in illegal activities, particularly regarding the appointment of a “fake and bogus” secretary general. The executive committee of the PSA was found complicit in these irregularities, leading to the cancellation of their memberships and a five-year ban from joining any trade organisation.

Furthermore, the DGTO withdrew the conditional renewal of the association’s licence due to non-compliance with renewal conditions within the specified timeframe.

The regulator’s actions followed multiple complaints against the PSA and an inquiry process that revealed significant discrepancies, including the absence of required documentation, failure to meet reporting requirements, and irregularities in office operations.

PSA’s Secretary General Mohsin Shaukat did not attend several hearings initially, and upon appearing later, failed to provide satisfactory explanations or required documentation.

The decision to revoke the licence and impose penalties was based on the inquiry committee’s findings of serious violations and irregularities within the PSA, leading to its immediate expiration.

Story by Zafar Bhutta

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