Chairman Ogra Says Impact of Gas Price Hike Not Justified


During the hearing on the request by Sui Northern Gas to increase gas prices further, Chairman Ogra Masroor Ahmad Khan has stated that the impact of mandatory gas price hikes is not justified.

Chairman Ogra Masroor Ahmad Khan, along with Finance Member Muhammad Naeem and Oil Member Zain-ul-Abideen, is conducting the hearing at Sui Northern Gas Company’s head office.

The hearing has seen a large number of participants from industries, traders, and ordinary consumers.

During the hearing, Chairman Ogra Masroor Ahmad Khan mentioned that they have listened to all stakeholders.

A journalist asked Chairman Ogra if they would accept the proposed tariff increase.

Chairman Ogra Masroor Ahmad Khan replied that they will not accept it as such; they will review it. The new tariff will be applicable from July 1, experts will analyze it, and they will look into development projects, salaries, and other matters. We have to consider the needs of domestic and commercial consumers; the impact of mandatory price hikes is not justified, and we have listened to all stakeholders.

He mentioned that the biggest challenge for Sui Northern Gas is safety, with non-standard cylinders becoming an issue. It’s essential to take precautionary measures for using SNGPL gas. Now is the time to inform people across Pakistan about the need for energy conservation. Ogra is an independent institution, and decisions are made based on merit.

During the hearing, officials from Sui Northern Gas and stakeholders are present.

It should be noted that Sui Northern Gas Company has proposed an increase of Rs. 4489 per mmBtu.

According to sources, there is a possibility of an average increase of up to 155% in bills due to the gas price hike.

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