NEECA Faces Turmoil as Key Executive Positions Abolished


The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is grappling with internal upheaval as the government has announced the abolition of crucial executive roles within the agency. This move has cast a spotlight on the challenges plaguing Pakistan’s energy sector, with NEECA already operating significantly understaffed, with only 10 members against a sanctioned strength of about 255.

A recent Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO) published in the Gazette of Pakistan revealed that nine executive positions, including director generals, internal auditor, and registrar, have been terminated. The decision, reportedly based on “unsatisfactory performance” as cited by the management, has further exacerbated NEECA’s already strained workforce dynamics.

The rationale behind this decision, as outlined in the SRO, includes cost structure rationalization and purportedly addressing performance concerns. However, the sudden abolition of key positions, coupled with the elimination of the board of directors’ role in executive-grade staff selection, has raised questions about transparency and accountability within NEECA’s governance framework.

Moreover, the creation of a new directorate for the managing director’s secretariat without specified qualification criteria has added complexity to the hiring process, diminishing the role of positions like registrar and internal auditor.

Despite these internal challenges, NEECA has been allocated significant budgets in recent fiscal years, indicating the importance of its mandate in energy efficiency and conservation. However, the current developments underscore the need for a strategic review of NEECA’s organizational structure and governance mechanisms to ensure effective functioning in fulfilling its vital role in Pakistan’s energy landscape.

Story by Khaleeq Kiani

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