UAE Consul General Announces Multi-Sector Investments in Pakistan


In a recent ceremony at Karachi Port, UAE Consul General Bakhit Atiq al-Rumithi pledged substantial investments in various sectors across Pakistan. Highlighting the UAE’s commitment to Pakistan’s development, Al-Rumithi emphasized plans for investments beyond ports, including railways, infrastructure, and other key areas. The ceremony marked the payment of $50 million to Karachi Port by Karachi Gateway Terminal (KGTL) under their contractual agreement.

Al-Rumithi noted Pakistan’s significant investment potential, citing the country’s favorable business environment and the presence of 17 million Pakistanis in Dubai. He expressed confidence in Pakistan’s growth prospects and reassured continued support from the UAE, highlighting the longstanding partnership spanning 50 years.

Federal Minister of Ports Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of foreign investment in driving Pakistan’s economic progress. He lauded the UAE’s investment in the Karachi Gate project, which involves a $220 million investment and a $130 million payment agreement.

The event also saw contributions from key figures such as CEO Abdul Aziz Al Balushi of Fujairah Terminals, Trade Development Authority Pakistan CEO Zubair Motiwala, and officials from Karachi Port and Karachi Chamber.

The UAE’s expanded investment horizon in Pakistan signals a positive trajectory for bilateral economic cooperation and infrastructure development, underlining the region’s growing attractiveness to global investors.

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