Experts Advocate Privatisation and Clear Roadmaps for Pakistan’s Power Sector


At the 7th Leaders in Islamabad Summit, industry leaders and experts discussed the future of Pakistan’s power sector, emphasizing the need for new roadmaps and privatisation to address challenges and drive progress.

KE CEO Moonis Abdullah Alvi highlighted privatisation as crucial for tackling circular debt and advocated for clear long-term strategies to expedite sectoral growth. Federal Minister of Energy Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari echoed this sentiment, emphasizing privatisation as a key government agenda for ensuring sector stability and consumer welfare.

Alvi noted KE’s interest in renewable energy projects, reflecting a broader vision to integrate renewables into Pakistan’s energy mix. Former caretaker energy minister Muhammad Ali emphasized the potential savings from high-efficiency appliances, illustrating how minor interventions could yield significant benefits.

The panelists cited KE as a successful privatisation case study, underscoring the potential for privatisation to attract more investors, similar to previous successes in telecom and banking sectors.

Minister Leghari discussed the government’s focus on indigenisation in fuel mix and hydel power, aiming to reduce generation costs. He mentioned plans for deregulation, consultations with business leaders for financial models, and a shift towards uniform tariffs.

ACCA Global Deputy President Ayla Majid stressed the role of private sector investment in transmission and distribution, while Veon Group Digital Operations and Performance Officer Lasha Tabidze highlighted Jazz’s investments in Pakistan’s digital economy, leveraging the country’s youth demographics and digital potential.

Overall, the discussions underscored the importance of privatisation, clear strategies, and private sector involvement in shaping Pakistan’s power and digital sectors for sustainable growth and efficiency.

Story by Zafar Bhutta

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