Government Urged to Facilitate Soft Loans for Solar and Green Energy Sector


The President of Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fuad Ishaq, has called upon the government to provide soft loans to support the growth of the solar and green energy sector. Highlighting the sector’s potential to meet the country’s increasing energy demands while promoting environmental sustainability and job creation, Ishaq emphasized the need for proactive measures from federal and provincial authorities.

In a meeting with GreenWend Energy’s Patron in Chief, Prof Subhan Qureshi, and Chief Technical Officer Saad Rashid, plans for the International Solar Expo 2024 (ISE 2024) were discussed. Ishaq welcomed this initiative and pledged full participation from the chamber’s members in the upcoming event.

The SCCI president stressed the importance of training programs for young individuals in solar energy technologies to address immediate job market demands. He also advocated for the development of industries associated with the solar and green energy sector.

Furthermore, collaborations with Germany, the U.S., and Turkiye were highlighted, aiming to secure technical and financial support for advancing solar and green energy initiatives. Ishaq expressed intentions to engage with the American Mission in Pakistan to secure special funds for sectoral promotion.

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