Seminar on Effective Steps for Enrolling Out of School Children in Schools and CSR Awards on April 30th.


Karachi:– The National Forum for Environment and Health, in collaboration with the CSR Club of Pakistan, is hosting a the “Seminar on Effective Steps for Enrolling Out of School Children in Schools” alongside the “16th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Summit-2024 (Karachi Chapter).” on April 30th in Karachi.

The seminar, dedicated to addressing the critical issue of children out of the education system, will see esteemed figures such as Kamran Tessori, Governor Sindh, as Chief Guest, and Abdul Kabir Kazi, Managing Director of the Sindh Education Foundation, delivering the keynote address.

Simultaneously, the 16th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Summit-2024 (Karachi Chapter) will showcase corporate leaders, social advocates, and experts discussing sustainable business practices and social impact strategies. Notable speakers include Murad Ali Soni, Chief Community Policing Karachi; Mufti Naeem Shahid, CEO of Pak-Aid Welfare Trust; Fajer Rabia, Former Advisor on Girls’ Education and Women Empowerment in the Government of Pakistan; Omer Mateen Allahwala, CEO of Orange Tree Foundation; Razzaq Pardesi, CEO/Founder of The Mark Schooling System; Muhammad Ghazal, COO of Saylani Welfare Trust; Uzair Zavary, Trustee Member of Baitussalam; Saleem Michael, Advocate, and others.

The summit will also feature the presentation of CSR Awards to 22 companies for their outstanding contributions to corporate social responsibility.

Naeem Qureshi, President of the National Forum for Environment & Health, emphasized, “This event highlights our commitment to inclusive education and sustainable business practices, underscoring our collective responsibility towards a better future.”

These events serve as vital platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and actionable strategies to address societal challenges and promote sustainable development in Pakistan, he added.

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