Gas Pressure Management Concerns Grip Gas Companies in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Gas companies in Pakistan are facing mounting concerns over the management of natural gas flows, particularly a significant reduction of 350 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) from local fields since the second week of March. This reduction, aimed at managing gas pressure in the pipeline distribution system, has sparked worries among exploration and production (E&P) companies about potential…

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Thar Coal’s Multi-Use Potential Gains Support from South Africa


KARACHI: Minister for Energy, Planning, and Development Syed Nasir Shah unveiled insights from South African experts regarding the versatile potential of Thar Coal Block-II during a recent meeting. Experts highlighted the coal’s suitability for gasification, fertilizer production, and generating gas and diesel. However, their primary recommendation emphasized using the coal for power generation through gasification. Shah announced plans to send…

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Residents Demand Urgent Action as Dangerous HESCO Installations Endanger Lives


KUNRI: Residents of Khalid Colony are living in constant fear due to the hazardous state of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) installations in their densely populated area, posing a severe threat to lives and property. The perilous condition of electricity transformers placed dangerously close to residential buildings, coupled with dangling electric meters and exposed high-voltage lines, including an 11,000-volt mainline,…

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Navigating the Solar Power Pricing Dilemma: Balancing Renewables and Economic Viability


The ongoing debate over solar power pricing in Pakistan underscores a delicate balance between advancing renewable energy goals and ensuring economic feasibility. Net metering, a billing method enabling consumers to utilize self-generated power, particularly from solar panels, has gained prominence. Pakistan, with a solar power potential of 40GW and a target to source 20% of its electricity from renewables by…

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Pakistan Seeks Investment Boost as Saudi Delegation Arrives


A significant Saudi delegation, led by Deputy Investment Minister Ibrahim Almubarak, has landed in Islamabad for a three-day visit focused on exploring investment opportunities. Pakistan is keen on attracting foreign investments, particularly from Saudi companies, to bolster its exports and economic growth. The delegation received a warm welcome from Commerce Minister Jam Kamal and Petroleum Minister Musadik Malik upon arrival…

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