Thar Coal’s Multi-Use Potential Gains Support from South Africa


KARACHI: Minister for Energy, Planning, and Development Syed Nasir Shah unveiled insights from South African experts regarding the versatile potential of Thar Coal Block-II during a recent meeting.

Experts highlighted the coal’s suitability for gasification, fertilizer production, and generating gas and diesel. However, their primary recommendation emphasized using the coal for power generation through gasification.

Shah announced plans to send a delegation from the Sindh Coal Authority to China for firsthand exposure to gasification technology at the China Modern Gasification plant. This initiative aims to explore technological transfers and effective utilization methods.

The research findings affirmed Thar Coal Block-II’s versatility, paving the way for its utilization across various sectors. Shah stressed the importance of gasification technology, aligning with efforts to formulate a comprehensive provincial policy.

The minister committed to collaborating with the federal government to promote gas efficiency policies at the provincial level. The meeting also featured detailed briefings from key officers, showcasing stakeholders’ readiness to leverage Thar Coal’s potential for energy security and sustainable development.

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