Residents Demand Urgent Action as Dangerous HESCO Installations Endanger Lives


KUNRI: Residents of Khalid Colony are living in constant fear due to the hazardous state of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) installations in their densely populated area, posing a severe threat to lives and property.

The perilous condition of electricity transformers placed dangerously close to residential buildings, coupled with dangling electric meters and exposed high-voltage lines, including an 11,000-volt mainline, has left residents in distress.

Multiple residents, including Shah Zaib Khaskheli, Saddam Khaskheli, Jehanzeb Khaskheli, Shaukat Khaskheli, and others, have raised concerns about the imminent danger these installations pose. They highlight the risk of fires during summer months, frequent wire breakages, and falling cables onto homes and streets, escalating the potential for accidents.

The deteriorating state of HESCO’s electrical infrastructure over time has exacerbated these fears, prompting residents to demand immediate intervention from authorities.

Residents stress the urgency of addressing these perilous conditions in Khalid Colony to prevent catastrophic incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of the community. They call on relevant authorities to prioritize citizen safety by swiftly addressing the state of HESCO installations in their neighborhood.

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