Influential super-rich Pakistanis own properties worth $11 billion in Dubai, reveals a damning global probe report

Pakistanis rank second among foreign nationals owning billions of dollars in Dubai, as revealed in an investigative report on offshore asset ownership by influential individuals worldwide.The groundbreaking report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) exposes that influential Pakistanis possess properties in Dubai valued at a staggering $11 billion. The affluent Pakistanis who own luxurious properties in Dubai…

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Imran Khan Threatens Nationwide Protests Over Rising Power and Gas Tariffs


Imran Khan, the incarcerated founding chairman of PTI and former prime minister, issued a stern warning to the government, stating that countrywide protests would erupt if power and gas tariffs were further increased. Speaking from Adiala jail, Khan emphasized the need for a government aligned with public mandate to stabilize Pakistan’s economy. He expressed concerns that additional taxation could worsen…

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Chairman WAPDA Urges Accelerated Progress at Mohmand Dam Project


Chairman of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Engr Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani (Retd), recently visited the Mohmand Dam Project to assess construction advancements. During his inspection of key sites including diversion tunnels, the power house, and the spillway, he underscored the project’s vital role in meeting Pakistan’s water and energy demands. Accompanied by project officials, consultants, and contractors,…

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OGRA Urges Oil Companies to Increase Diesel Uplift to Meet Rising Demand


Amidst heightened demand during the harvesting season, the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has directed oil marketing companies (OMCs) to ramp up their uptake of high-speed diesel (HSD) from refineries. This move aims to ensure a smooth supply chain and cater to the surging demand for diesel across Pakistan. OGRA’s directives come in response to reports indicating a relatively…

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Government to Formulate Gas Pricing Plan for Fertilizer Industry


In a bid to address unjustified price hikes in fertilizers and ensure fair treatment for farmers, the government is working on a comprehensive gas pricing plan for the fertilizer sector. Recent discussions in the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) highlighted the need for a holistic approach to stabilize fertilizer prices, emphasizing the importance of passing on subsidized gas benefits to farmers.…

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