Imran Khan Threatens Nationwide Protests Over Rising Power and Gas Tariffs


Imran Khan, the incarcerated founding chairman of PTI and former prime minister, issued a stern warning to the government, stating that countrywide protests would erupt if power and gas tariffs were further increased. Speaking from Adiala jail, Khan emphasized the need for a government aligned with public mandate to stabilize Pakistan’s economy.

He expressed concerns that additional taxation could worsen economic stability, particularly during June and July. Khan highlighted the challenge of debt servicing consuming a significant portion of tax revenue, leading to investor reluctance. He also addressed corruption cases, vowing not to seek an exit deal like other political figures.

Regarding a graft case, Khan mentioned the UK government’s freezing of funds related to Malik Riaz and hinted at potential out-of-court settlements to avoid prolonged litigation. He also commented on party discipline, issuing a show-cause notice to PTI leader Sher Afzal Khan Marwat for policy violations.

Despite acknowledging Marwat’s contributions, Khan emphasized the importance of adhering to party discipline, especially during sensitive diplomatic engagements.

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