Ambitious 640MW combined solar PV projects planned
Karachi, May 4, 2024 – K-Electric (KE) has taken a significant leap in inducting a sustainable energy future. At a recent roadshow event the power utility showcased its ambitious solar PV based power projects that will establish 640 MW of renewable energy across its service territory, aligning with its vision of achieving a 30% share of renewable energy generation in its fuel mix by 2030.

Over 100 local and international institutions were given an overview on KE’s plans to add 150 MW and 270MW of solar PV projects in (Karachi) Sindh and Balochistan. Additionally, a hybrid 220 MW of wind and solar at Dhabeji is scheduled to be added into KE’s network. Open-competitive bidding for these initiatives is currently being held. KE’s efforts are garnering positive interest from local and international institutions, with the Governments of Balochistan and Sindh collaborating to allocate land for solar projects.

Since privatization, KE has invested heavily in driving efficiency across its value chain, providing the impetus for Karachi and adjoining areas to grow into a bustling megacity. The company has reduced transmission and distribution losses by half, from 34% to 15%, while doubling its customer base and power consumption. By 2030, KE is expecting a 30% growth in its customer base, driving a power demand of 5,000 MW, which it intends to fulfill with the induction of power based on renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydel and indigenous fuels.

These strategic investments are crucial in bringing in sustainable and affordable power in bulk within KE’s network thereby benefitting all kinds of customers within its service area. The principle being to ensure balance concerning the energy trilemma. CEO Moonis Alvi congratulated the attendees at the renewables roundtable, stating, “This is a historic effort for us, and those who are a part of this will certainly have a first mover’ advantage… We are committed to taking care of our responsibilities and supporting the government in balancing the sustainable induction of energy with its long-term affordability.”

Chief Strategy Officer Shahab Qader Khan echoed the sentiment, sharing, “Our upcoming projects will not just prepare us for the future but define it… We foresee robust demand and growth in our service area, necessitating the addition of renewable energy projects.”

These 640 MW projects are part of KE’s Power Acquisition Programme (PAP) and showcases the long-term addition of efficient electricity into the generation mix. This is complemented by ~ USD 2 billion investment plan in transmission and distribution infrastructure, that is leveraging KE as a power utility gearing up for the challenges of the future.

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