Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Power Awais Leghari visited LONGi


On June 8, 2024, Awais Leghari, the Federal Minister for Power of the lslamic Republic of Pakistan, visited LONGi’s headquarter, in Xi’an. Mr. Li Zhenguo, founder and President of LONGi, attended and led his Excellency to visit the LONGi Green Energy Smart Energy Exhibition Hall, introducing in detail, the development history of the photovoltaic industry, LONGi’s history, business segments, R&D innovation, overseas layout and the company’s vision and mission.
It is very suitable for the development of solar power in Pakistan, given its large population and abundant sunshine resources of 2800-3000 hours average annual sunshine. The cost of kilowatt-hour electricity continues to decline, driven by the development of global Solar PV industry technology. The Solar PV has been widely used on residential buildings, schools, hospitals and industry and commerce in Pakistan, effectively alleviating the problem of shortage on power supply. The government has launched the 2030 plan. By 2030, new energy will account for 30%, of which 66.79% will be solar. This plan will further promote the development and application of the solar industry, the market potential is huge.

LONGi, as the world’s leading solar technology company, is actively helping Pakistan on its energy transition. Over the past few years, LONGi has been in a leading position in Pakistan’s solar market. To further help Pakistan achieve 2030 plan, Mr. Li highlighted LONGi’s innovation achievements and briefed His Excellency on the company’s strong R&D investment. in 2023, LONGi invested over one billion USD in R&D, accounting for 5.96% of its operating income. It is precisely because of the continuous investment in R&D that LONGi is now the “Double-Champion” of the world record for cell efficiency of crystalline silicon HJT back-contact cell and silicon-perovskite tandem solar cell. Recently, LONGi released the HPBC second-generation module, Hi-MO 9. Under the same land area, during the power station life cycle, the generation with this product can be increased by 6.5-8%. The technology is focusing on high yield and high reliability of whole life cycle, especially on utility power station, which will contribute to the global energy transformation. Mr. Li said that LONGi ‘s strength is also reflected in the global business layout and intelligent manufacturing. The Jiaxing base of the company has been awarded as the first “lighthouse factory” in the global photovoltaic industry, with its intelligent and digital manufacturing capabilities leading the world. It will undoubtedly empower the global industrial development.

When addressing the “trilemma” of energy development, Mr. Li explained that energy, as a crucial component in achieving carbon neutrality, encounters challenges related to safety, equity, and environmental sustainability. PV products serve as facilitators and enhancers of clean energy and can effectively address these challenges. Green hydrogen is poised to become the inevitable choice for deep decarbonization. LONGi’s integrated solution of “Green Power + Green Hydrogen” represents the fundamental approach to resolving the “impossible triangle” of energy. As Pakistan’s national economy advances, there will undoubtedly be a new phase of rapid growth in power demand. Guided by innovative technology, LONGi offers robust and dependable products along with differentiated solutions throughout their life cycle, including integrated solutions for “Green Power + Green Hydrogen,” which will significantly contribute to Pakistan’s domestic energy transition efforts, deep decarbonization initiatives, and strategic objective of becoming an energy export hub.
In terms of ESG sustainable development, Mr. Li said that LONGi not only has supported Pakistan with a large number of high-quality solar products, but also has actively helped to cultivate a new generation of renewable energy talents through professional skills training and the establishment of photovoltaic schools. LONGi has also helped to improve the living conditions of people in the community and promoted sustainable development through donations of various materials; To promote the reduction of carbon footprint through climate action and increasing public climate awareness. LONGi has provided local hospitals with solar power, through international organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees stations, upgrading their power supply systems, improving the carbon footprint of local medical facilities.

With the visit of Pakistan’s Minister of Power, LONGi is more confident and will vigorously promote the wide application of “Green Power + Green Hydrogen” integrated solutions in Pakistan, so that more people can enjoy green energy. LONGi remains determined to support Pakistan to build a zero-carbon future!

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