NEECA Plans Meeting to Explore Export of Green Hydrogen to China, Japan, and South Korea


ISLAMABAD: The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is set to hold a meeting to discuss the ‘National Green Hydrogen Strategy (NGHS)’ with a focus on formulating plans to export green hydrogen to China, Japan, and South Korea.

Dr. Sardar Moazzam, Managing Director of NEECA, highlighted in a letter to the Secretary Petroleum that Pakistan faces challenges in managing reliable and cost-effective energy supplies given current global energy dynamics. He emphasized the importance of tapping into Pakistan’s Indigenous Renewable Energy (IRE) resources and highlighted hydrogen’s role as a crucial energy vector due to its high energy content, environmental compatibility, storage, and distribution capabilities, especially in addressing the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

Green Hydrogen is seen as a pivotal resource for achieving global carbon neutrality, with anticipated demand reaching significant levels by 2050. Dr. Moazzam emphasized that Pakistan should prepare to leverage this opportunity by encouraging indigenous production of Green Hydrogen through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects.

Furthermore, Pakistan is strategically positioned to become part of the global green hydrogen supply chain, given its proximity to major hydrogen importers like China, Japan, and South Korea. China alone is projected to become the world’s largest hydrogen importer by 2030.

The Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) has tasked the Petroleum Division and NEECA with formulating a national green hydrogen production policy, highlighting Pakistan’s commitment to clean energy initiatives.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has developed a draft NGHS for Pakistan, with the Secretary Petroleum Division designating the Managing Director of NEECA as the focal person for collaboration on this strategy.

To further this agenda, a meeting is scheduled between NEECA, the Mineral Wing of the Petroleum Division, and Inter State Gas Systems (IGGS) on April 17, 2024, to discuss and deliberate on the NGHS.

Story by Mushtaq Ghumman

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