KE to Integrate 640MW Clean Energy in 2 Years


K-Electric (KE) has unveiled plans to incorporate 640 megawatts of renewable electricity into its grid over the next two years through solar and wind energy initiatives. This move, expected to attract investments of more than $400 million from 12 international firms based in Europe, China, and the Middle East, is poised to significantly reduce production costs, according to KE’s Chief Executive Officer Moonis Abdullah Alvi in an informal discussion with The Express Tribune.

The renewable energy projects are slated for deployment in Balochistan’s Hub, Uthal, and Bela cities, along with Karachi’s Surjani Town area. Alvi noted that the adoption of cost-effective renewable energy by consumers would lead to a decrease in overall electricity consumption by approximately 200 to 250 megawatts.

Alvi also addressed the recent surge in tariffs, resulting in a 10% increase in electricity theft in Karachi, escalating line losses, and a rise in unpaid electricity bills. He highlighted that while 80% of Karachi areas were previously exempt from load-shedding, this ratio has now decreased to 72%, primarily due to heightened line losses.

To address these challenges, KE has initiated a pilot project for smart meter installations, targeting 10,000 consumers for trial implementation. Alvi emphasized that the success of this pilot project would pave the way for an expanded rollout of smart meters. Although a single smart meter costs between Rs40,000 to Rs45,000, bulk orders are expected to drive down costs. Alvi disclosed that smart meters have been installed on all pole-mounted transformers (PMTs) in Karachi, providing data every 15 minutes for efficient monitoring and management.

Story by Ehtesham Mufti

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